Custom Solutions for Oil Absorption

 AIRTECH makes BeBetterFoam pads, booms & sponges to tackle the unique challenges of oil removal & reclamation. It’s proprietary products are designed to work on industrial equipment from heavy duty machinery to oil pipelines and vehicles of any kind, or just a particular space that presents a clean-up problem.  AIRTECH products capture oil, will not leak, and work perfectly, even in dynamic environments.  Contact us to inquire how we can build something that fits your needs.

Oil extractor and absorption pads in assorted sizes

Rectangle clip-able oil absorption pad

Standard oil absorption pad

Square clip-able oil absorption pad

Oil absorption booms

Custom Pads For Heavy Machinery

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Advanced Innovative Recovery Technologies, Inc. (AIRTECH) is a U.S.A. based company that is disrupting the multi-billion dollar foam products industry worldwide. Research and development has led to our ability to manufacture unique, proprietary, bio-modified methylene diphenyl diisocyanate (MDI) poyurethane foam products that equal or exceed the properties of TDI foam, yet unlike TDI, are entirely safe for the environment.

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