Cleaning Water

Our proprietary oil recovery technologies are saving the world one waterway at a time!

Saving Air quality

Developing products to reduce our carbon air print on the world is a priority.

Preserving Land

Reducing the impact of pipelines and fracking with oil recovery solutions.

Eco Development

Creating new ways to help reduce and remove our carbon footprint.

Learn about our Revolutionary  BeBetterFoam®

Made exclusively by AIRTECH “The Earth Conscious® Company” BeBetterFoam® is not only the future of cleaning products, but all kinds of foam products.

Our products vary from oil booms and pads for large ocean cleanups, to small hand- sized sponges infused with natural soap, surf board blanks,architectural foam, insulation, sound proofing, and memory foam bedding / furniture products.

The core essence of BeBetterFoam® is our proprietary MDI based formula for making elastomeric, microcellular, non-toxic, open and closed cell foam made with renewable resources that are entirely safe for the environment,

What we do

We are committed to develop and maintain a World-Class company

Oil reclamation offers many diverse and challenging opportunities such as ocean deep-water oil spills, local and state harbors, lakes, rivers and oil refineries.  Utilizing a scalable approach to products and services, AIRTECH is able to answer the needs of small, medium, and large clients.

Our proprietary BeBetterFoam® is the driving force behind our revolutionary process. BeBetterFoam® captures oil on contact, and is able to absorb many times its weight. BeBetterFoam® is extremely cost effective in the collection of all types of VOCs and hydrocarbons.  We have developed many proprietary systems for the collection of petroleum products.

Products Developed

Years Established

About us

Our Amazing Executive Team

AIRTECH is managed by individuals with successful track records in product development, engineering, manufacturing, project management, marketing, sales, entertainment, and finance. The staff is comprised of dedicated, systems-oriented, technical, data-driven professionals who embody two features: superior customer support and innovative, quality products. These concepts drive us everyday to offer our products and value added services to our customers.


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About us

Advanced Innovative Recovery Technologies, Inc. (AIRTECH) is a U.S.A. based company that is disrupting the multi-billion dollar foam products industry worldwide. Research and development has led to our ability to manufacture unique, proprietary, bio-modified methylene diphenyl diisocyanate (MDI) poyurethane foam products that equal or exceed the properties of TDI foam, yet unlike TDI, are entirely safe for the environment.

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